Advertising Prices

1) Prices are fixed per month for unlimited viewing and click throughs!
2) Our competitive pricing structure and marketing will maximise your exposure.
3) Advertising spaces are limited on each page, so be quick to secure your spot.
4) You have the option to select which page you want your advertisement to appear on, so you can be specific to your market.
Example: If you own a shop, your Banner Advertisement can appear on the Shopping area of our site, to give you prominence over the competition - as a free bonus to you, we will also place your banners on other pages, provided there is room.

Our Website features 2 types of advertising:

Free Text Link: Your Business Name (Linked to: Home Page).

Banner Advertising: Fixed Size Ad with your business or brand logo or images (Linked to: or Special Promotion/Sale).

We have the following advertising banner spaces available:

1 300 x 250 pixels
2 125 x 125 pixels
3 125 x 125 pixels
4 125 x 125 pixels
5 125 x 125 pixels
6 728 x 90 pixels
7 300 x 300 pixels

The price for renting everyone of the selected banners spaces is $39.99 for a month. You can make a payment with Paypal to Email: Send me the banner codes to Email: or Skype: blue7772 to publish your advertising on the website.